Do you provide free estimates?

Yes we do! If at all possible we can give you a “ballpark” cost over the phone. For exact prices we must come out to get exact project measurements. No oral representation shall be considered part of a binding contract to perform work unless stated in a written format, i.e.: an estimate and contract.

Why specialize in Hillside Decks?

Hillside decks can increase your backyard’s square footage and space, but most homeowners are not aware of the time and effort that goes into constructing a hillside deck. LA-Decks not only explains and handles the process but has an experienced team of engineers that knows the process and how to proceed with the city to get your deck built as soon as possible. LA-Decks provides all the necessary services to build a hillside deck requiring a permit from the city:

1. A soil engineer – who will take a soil sample from your backyard.

2. A structure engineer – who will calculate your deck structure, deck framing, and will provide instructions for building the deck.

3. An architect – who will design the hillside deck, stairs, light, and railing. This process can take up to 3 to 4 months to approve, though it is possible to ask the city to expedite it. Building the hillside deck can take up to two to three months, including six inspections from the city.

For the past 5 years LA-Decks has specialized in hillside decks custom projects and we provide the best hillside solution in the area with unique and luxurious designs.

What is a composite deck material, and why would I want to use it instead of traditional treated wood?

Composite materials typically resists termites, won’t rot, warp, or splinter and never needs staining or painting. Composite decking is usually manufactured using recycled raw materials that are carefully processed a very high level of quality and performance, so although it costs more upfront, the end result is a beautiful deck that performs better over time and doesn’t require annual maintenance. You never have to sand, stain, or paint a composite deck. Composite is only used for the cover of a deck and not the structure because it doesn’t have the same stiffness as wood and therefore is not intended to be used as a load bearing post, joist or any other primary load bearing member.

What composite materials do you use and how do I clean/maintain them?

We use Ipe, Azek, TimberTech, and Trex. Please click on the link for descriptions and cleaning information.

What is the difference between waterproofing a deck and having a deck that is water resistant?

Our decks are always built using water resistant materials such a treated traditional wood or a wood composite. To Water-proof a deck means to build a drainage system underneath so that the deck has a sealant layer that prevents rainwater from dripping straight through. An explanation of the different ways to waterproof the dry spaces under your deck can be found here.

What is the warranty/guarantee on your work?

Warranty period is one year from final invoice date and that covers labor. All work is completed in a workmanlike manner according to standard practices. For your Ipe/Ironwood decks we recommend a yearly power-wash and an application of oil to keep your deck looking its best. Existing clients receive a yearly maintenance treatment at $2/sqft. New clients needing an oil treatment are charged $4/sqft and are subject to our crews scheduling availability. We are certified by all major deck care product manufacturers. We carry full general liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

Can I just power wash my deck if I don’t care about weathering?

LA-Decks does not recommend power washing of you deck as it may void the warranty coverage. Skilled professionals may use a pressure washer with wide fan tips at low pressures under 3,000 psi and at a safe distance of 10” above deck.

Does LA-Decks do deck cover install/replacement jobs?

LA-Decks includes all taxes, install, clean up/haul way costs in your estimate. Our policy is to only install work we have designed/built and to remove old decking covers only if we are fabricating the replacement decking.

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