Hillside Decks

Hillside decks increase your backyard’s square footage, space and the value of your home!!  but,  most homeowners are not aware of the time and effort that goes into constructing a hillside deck. LA-Decks not only explains and handles the process but has an experienced team of engineers that knows the process and how to proceed with the city to get your deck built as soon as possible. LA-Decks provides all the necessary services to build a hillside deck requiring a permit from the city:

Permitting Process for Hillside decks and decks on sloped ground

In anticipation of constructing your hillside deck IPE, composite or any other wood , SHPIGEL’s INC, DBA/LA DECKS will assist in obtaining all municipal permits.                    This assistance includes providing you access to their qualified sources, as soil and structure engineers, preliminary design plans, architectural drawings including blueprint preparation and submission of all clearances for permits to City Hall.

In order to build your DREAM deck the city will require:

1. Soil Report: Soil testing includes: Lab Work, Soil samples for City Soil testing at digging point

2. Architectural Drawings: Design your deck and submit for planning approval. Includes a 3D design to be submitted with the estimate to the client for project approval.

3. Engineering: Calculation of deck foundation and structure.

4. Surveyor, if needed: Sometimes the City asks for the property lines.

5. City Fees: are different city to city.

This process can take between 1 ½ months to 3 months and the timeframe is different from City to City.

Once the deck is permitted we can start building your deck. Please call us for your FREE consultation!

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