Ipe Decking: Is an Ipe Wood Deck Right for You?

Ipe Decking 2022

Here’s what to know about Ipe decking, how to decide whether or not it’s right for your home, and how to choose the right Ipe deck builder.

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Outdoor Kitchen Planner: Create a Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Design

Outdoor Kitchen Planner Guide

This is your outdoor kitchen planner where we’ll walk you through what it takes to plan, build, and enjoy the outdoor kitchen design of your dreams.

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Backyard Deck Ideas That’ll Boom in 2022

Backyard Deck Ideas

Check out these backyard deck ideas that’ll be booming in 2022. If you’re feeling inspired, get in touch to let us help you build your dream.

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Top Tips To Reduce Deck Board Cupping

Deck material as composite Trex or Azek TimberTech are great however IPE boards are among the most common decking materials used in building and installing a deck. Once installed, however, deck board cupping can become a problem. This can result from how the boards were nailed down. Deck builders who specialize in IPE installation will […]

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How To Remodel Your Pool Without Breaking The Bank

Staying at the poolside can give anyone a break from daily stress. Whether you simply want to read that favorite book or want to take a plunge in the water, there is that level of relaxation that you will imbibe when you are by the pool. With a pool on your yard, you know that […]

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How To Prepare Your Backyard For Fall And Winter

You will know that fall is here once you notice that leaves are beginning to fall. This one sign is just enough for you to get up and prepare your backyard for the coming months, most especially because snow is about to fall on our gardens. During these cold months, it will be harder to […]

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How To Maximize The Space Under Your Pergola

One of the most important considerations when installing a pergola on the backyard is the space available for the hardscape. Space restriction can affect the outcome of the entire project. That should not make you back out of your plan, though. After all, you deserve this space, and you have to make the most out […]

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How Should You Approach Deck Design?

What do you think is the most important thing to consider when thinking of building a new deck for your home? Many people actually overthink the entire process that they start with getting into intricate details when it comes to choosing deck components. Afterwards, they end up missing on the most crucial factor, that is, […]

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Fall Deck Maintenance Best Practices

Fall is the time of the year when you need to take care of your outdoor space so that your home remains to be a good picture at the backdrop. During this season, your deck also needs some maintenance. Thorough cleaning is essential during these months since there will surely be plenty of leaves and […]

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Understanding The Benefits Of Pool Remodeling Services

Thinking of the best way to give your age old pool a breathe of new life? It’s simple. Just consider remodeling. It won’t take you long though before you quickly realize that the whole exercise is easier said than done. This shouldn’t worry you at all because the bigger picture is rewarding. You end up […]

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