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A Guide To Properly Cleaning & Maintaining Your Deck

Decks are exposed to various weather conditions throughout the year. It is therefore advisable to clean and maintain your deck often to make it more durable so that you can enjoy the deck for as long as possible. Below are some ways you can clean and maintain your deck.

Wash the Deck

Washing your deck reduces mold that can lead to rotting issues, which often cost a lot of money to repair. The washing process is a step-by-step procedure that should be followed properly to make sure it is effective. Below is how property owners can wash their decks:

  1. Remove debris from the deck boards, especially where they cross the joists. You can do this using a putty knife to tackle hard-to-reach spots.
  2. Protect all plantings and shrubs. Cover them with a plastic sheet to prevent damage.
  3. Sweep the deck well and choose an appropriate cleanser.
  • Composite deck: use cleanser made for composite materials
  • Wood deck: use a standard wood cleanser
  • Vinyl deck: use mild soap and warm water
  1. Clean the deck on a cloudy day when the deck is cool. This is to prevent the sun from evaporating the cleaning agent.
  • Vinyl deck: clean in a circular motion while using a stiff broom and rinse thoroughly.
  • Wood deck: use a bristled brush broom or a paint roller to apply the cleaner, scrub it clean then rinse thoroughly.
  • Composite deck: clean with a soft brush. Use a deck brightener that contains oxalic acid to remove rust and leaf stains.
  1. Let the deck dry down and wait for about two days before sealing it.

Seal the Deck

It is recommended you apply sealers and toners annually to maintain the integrity of your deck. During the sealing process, you should follow the following steps:

  1. Look out for a two-day period when you will have moderate temperatures and clear skies.
  2. Use a pole sander to get rid of furriness as a result of washing
  3. Replace popped nails with longer deck screws
  4. Use a roller to apply two coats of the desired sealer and use a brush for benches and railings

Inspect and Repair the Deck

This process usually happens when the weather is dry and warm. Inspecting the deck involves the following:

  1. Use a flashlight to inspect the ledger for holes and rust
  2. Check for signs of rot on the stairs and perimeter posts
  3. Inspect the remaining posts, beams, and joists for any signs of rust and rot. Consult with a professional decking contractor to repair damaged parts
  4. Check for rotten decking boards or cracks, and repair the damaged part before it worsens
  5. Check the railing to ensure the posts are not damaged or loose. Drill pilot holes to rectify the loose connections. Seal the cracks with adhesive, drill a new pilot hole, and finally add new deck screws.

Preventive Measures to Help Keep Your Deck in Perfect Condition

  • Prevent debris and leaves from piling up in the corners.
  • Trim trees and bushes to slow moss, mold, and rot.
  • Occasionally shift chairs and planters to avoid discoloring the deck.

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