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Affordable Summer Deck Upgrades for Your Home

Summer is too great a time to let the sun go to waste, and those summer evening barbeques will be a lot of fun. Your deck, however, looks a bit run down and needs a summer upgrade. Decks incorporate both beauty and functionality. Apart from looking good, a deck also adds value to your home. An upgrade should not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Affordable summer deck upgrades are available by making a few simple changes:

Install some Lighting

Outdoor lighting can remarkably transform your deck into a warm, intimate space. With ample lighting, the whole family can use the deck after dark or you can hold a barbecue party. Affordable deck upgrades can also mean using solar lighting, installing candelabras (great for a candlelit dinner), lanterns, or string lights. String lights are also known as market string lights and can create a romantic ambiance. They are common in French cafes and bistros, but use up quite a bit of electricity. You can use them on special occasions to set a certain mood.

Add Befitting Furniture

Deck furniture provides an extra living space for you, your family, and guests. Other than beauty, your deck furniture needs to be durable and provide comfort. Get some colorful throw pillows and some warm blankets. The process of upgrading one’s deck is also about using what you already have. Clean the patio chairs and the table and give some of the old furniture a new look by giving them a fresh coat of paint. If you need to, buy some new, inexpensive furniture. A chaise lounge or some hammocks would be a wonderful addition. If you are good with a saw and hammer, you can design some great furniture. Check online on how to make a DIY hammock. Your options for affordable summer upgrades are limitless!

Install a High-Quality Audio System

Music is a great way to set the mood, depending on the occasion. Get some outdoor speakers, and set them up in different corners of the deck so that the music smoothly diffuses within the deck. Another option is to get some portable bluetooth speakers that you can bring to the deck or take with you wherever you go. You can also have some hard-wired speakers installed and blast some music during your barbecue party, or have some smooth jazz playing during a quiet family dinner.

Add an Outdoor Dining Area

Nothing beats eating outdoors and everyone tends to have a great appetite during these gatherings! The beauty of a deck is being able to eat outdoors, especially on warm summer evenings. To make this experience even better, make sure you upgrade your utensils if need be. Get a colorful tablecloth and throw it over your deck table or get a new grill if the old one smokes too much. Make your outside dining experience something to look forward to by sprucing up your deck.

Spruce it up!

Sometimes all a deck needs is proper care. If your deck is suffering from neglect, start by thoroughly cleaning it up and applying an appropriate cleaning solution. Seal and stain your patio to keep it well-protected from the elements. You have to do this every so often to keep the deck looking great for a long time. If your deck is in need of repairs, you can always consult with a professional deck maintenance team!