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Are You Considering Getting Rustic-Style Decking Solutions?

Whether you live in the country and want to maintain that rustic look, or you live in a more citified area and want to bring a little country into the picture – there are a number of rustic-style decking solutions to go with. Done right, a beautifully done back porch can be an extension of your living room, dining room, etc. Do it wrong, however, and all you have is a rundown looking porch that looks like it has seen better days – or maybe never saw good days at all!

Before we talk about the kinds of materials that you can use to build your country-themed deck (or have a professional build it for you), let’s take a look at what exactly is involved in achieving the rustic look.

What Constitutes a Rustic Porch?

When some people think of rustic, they picture a farmhouse style. “Country” is the relatively agreed-upon theme for a rustic setting. While some people like to incorporate a bit of kitsch in their decorating, there’s not much room for that where rustic styling is concerned. A little room, perhaps, but not a lot.

Indoors, thick wooden planks and beams displayed throughout a room encourage a rustic setting. Natural views of the out-of-doors, lots of wood furniture, etc. What we’re driving at here is that you’ll likely want to go with as many natural materials as possible. Most synthetic materials will be ruled out, with a few exceptions.

If you’ve got the space, consider a gas fire pit in the middle of your deck made from faux fieldstone. Surround it with natural wood furniture.  You may also want to go with a table that is made from a cross-section of a large tree, and shellacked.

To achieve a rustic flare while still having decking that is barefoot-friendly and low maintenance, we have the perfect suggestion. But before we reveal that, we’re going to keep you in suspense a moment longer!

 Traditional Decking Options for the Rustic Look

The keyword here is “traditional”. Keep in mind that every one of these suggestions has both disadvantages and advantages. The biggest drawback where the next few material choices are concerned is the fact that, of one kind or another, they all require upkeep.

  • Hardwoods
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Pressure-treated lumber

The Best Material for Your Rustic Deck?

The question mark is there because not everyone will agree with this next statement: Possibly the best material with which to build the flooring for your deck is today’s modern composite decking. Many choices today look exactly like natural wood, distressed lumber, or reclaimed lumber. It makes your porch more enjoyable because you have to spend less time on the upkeep, and it will stay beautiful far longer than natural wood.

Composite decking is surrounded by capping which protects it from moisture, UV rays, and is wonderfully smooth to walk on. It comes in numerous reds and darker browns to match hardwoods, and a range of other color choices. If you want your deck floor to stand up against the elements, moisture, insects, scratches, and avoid splintering, composite decking is the way to go.

If you really want to take full advantage of the positive characteristics of composite decking, consider using the hidden deck fastener system rather than nails or screws.

A professional deck builder can discuss your decking options so that you can best achieve the rustic look you seek. By acquiring the assistance of a professional, not only will you be able to have confidence in the sturdiness of your porch, you should have a guarantee behind the workmanship and materials used.