Backyard Deck Ideas That’ll Boom in 2022

Backyard Deck Ideas

It’s no secret that the pandemic has made outdoor entertainment pretty popular, which is why backyard deck ideas are something you’ll wanna be sure you’re familiar with if you’re looking to power up your patio space. 

You have dreamed of a beautiful backyard deck, right? Amid the hustle and bustle of a big city, it’s normal to dream about a place to kick back, relax, and enjoy the fresh air with friends and family. If you’re looking to have one of the coolest decks on the block or simply want an elevated deck to help add some spice to an otherwise inhabitable backyard, we’re here to help. 

Check out these backyard deck ideas that’ll be booming in 2022. If you’re feeling inspired after reading through the list of deck ideas, get in touch to let us help you build your dream.

Think About a Wood Patio with Designer Materials

In 2022, one of the hottest deck ideas for backyards will be wood patios. However, we’re not talking about just any kind of wood patio, we’re talking about patios made with designer materials. You know, the ones that look like one but are actually a lot more high-quality and durable.

First, you’ll be likely to see the emergence of lots of different styles of accenting the wood decking materials. Namely, you might see a lot of stone or laminate paneling on walls to contrast the look and feel of the wood used for the deck. As well, you’ll likely see a lot of color accents in the form of painted walls, decorative plants, and even patio furniture.

Overall, though, the focus here is on the decking materials used by the deck builders. If you’re really looking to transform your simple deck idea into an impressive backyard deck, opt for ipe decking, Trex composite decks, or AZEK decks. Why the interest in designer decking materials? 

They look great, honestly, but they’re also a bit more dynamic, allowing deck builders to create more luxury deck designs. And, the wood deck materials used last longer. AZEK decking products, for example, are known not to blister, peel, flake, crack, split, or rot for at least 20 years.

In short, investing in high-quality decking materials and the right deck builder seem to both be on-trend for 2022. Now, it’s less about convenience and more about investing long-term in style and durability.

Outdoor Kitchens for Entertaining

Again, it’s no secret that the pandemic has made outdoor entertaining not only a necessity but also pretty popular, too. We’re all used to hanging outside together now, so why not spruce up your patio space and think about building an outdoor kitchen? According to trends, a lot of other homeowners will be doing just that in 2022.

An outdoor kitchen can make your backyard deck ideas seem super-luxe in no time. And, they’re relatively affordable considering the long-term investment. Other benefits, though, include the fact that an outdoor kitchen can add value to your home. And, outdoor kitchens have a much smaller environmental footprint (and therefore lower cost) than heating or cooling a home’s interior.

If you think adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard patio or deck is something that sounds good for you, consider the fact that you’ll need to also add extra seating space for entertainment. If space is tight, think about creating a bar that extends from the grill or oven space so that you can easily place chairs around the bar.

Keep it Small & Simple

You don’t have to break the bank or go big to enjoy the best backyard deck ideas of 2022. In fact, while people do seem to be leaning more towards the idea of investing in AZEK and Trex decking options for long-term value, they also do seem that they’re sticking to the idea of keeping it small and simple.

If you don’t have a lot of space to work with in your backyard area, consider some of the small deck ideas and simple deck ideas. Depending on the space that you have to work with, small deck ideas include putting up a pergola for privacy (and because you can hang plants and lights from the pergola without taking up too much space!).

For something super simple, think about an elevated deck with small stairs or steps. The layered aspect of an elevated deck with small stairs can add a lot of dynamic texture to your backyard layout without taking up too much space. Finding the right patio furniture and decorations matter a lot here, too. Multipurpose furniture comes in really handy, for example, when you’ve got a small patio area to decorate.

Social Backyards for Distanced Parties

Designing your backyard with your hobbies in mind is always a great idea. And, with the idea of socially distanced parties and drive-by celebrations still fresh in our minds, some homeowners are still very much into the idea of creating outdoor spaces specifically for entertaining.

Whether you plan on having a distance party or not, one of the biggest backyard deck ideas of 2022 is designing a social yard in general. This means not only thinking about deck installation or perhaps even a pool installation for pool parties but also thinking about adding unique features like a full outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven or a fun outdoor cinema.

Hammocks, garden games, and permanently installed LED lights are all a part of this trend, and we’re here for all of them!

Year-Round Deck Amenities

As mentioned, with outdoor entertaining on the rise, you’re going to see a lot of people investing in year-round deck amenities to ensure that they can enjoy their outdoor patio or deck regardless of the season. Now, we know that in LA that’s not quite an issue, but even so, you’ll be dying for a fun little fire pit or mood lighting once the cool sea breeze starts blowing in if you’re in Malibu or Santa Monica.

As part of the backyard deck ideas that are slated to be super popular in 2022, expect to see other homeowners investing in amenities that can be enjoyed year-round. This includes fire pits, installed mood lighting, fake garden walls, and pergolas that can be covered in the case of rain or cold weather.

Build the Deck of Your Dreams in 2022

It doesn’t matter what your dream backyard deck looks like. Whether you’re interested in a wood patio, an elevated deck, or even a pool remodel, what matters most is that you feel comfortable and content with the backyard space you have.

Following backyard deck ideas and trends can be helpful, but there are a lot more ideas that we can help you bring to life, too. Not sure what you’d design if your wildest dreams could come true? We’ll help you figure it out.

Send us a message or call us at (323) 510-7228 to chat about what we can do to turn your backyard into a place where the perfect deck is a central meeting place for you and your friends and family.