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Welcome to LA Decks, your go-to deck building company for all your outdoor living needs. Specializing in deck installation in LA, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality decks designed to last a lifetime. On this page, you’ll find information about the best decking materials we offer, complete with photos of real work we’ve done. When it comes to hardwood decking, composite decking, and more, we are the deck installation experts you can trust.

Regardless of how you design the deck or how you enhance it with beautiful outdoor living decor, one of its main purposes is being a big, flat walking surface. This makes your choice of decking materials an important design decision. Oftentimes, the overall cost of one’s deck depends on the chosen materials.

Today, property owners have access to a wide range of decking materials. This means that you can easily find a material that suits your budget. From natural woods to composite materials, below are some of the common options that you may consider:

Decking Materials Hardwood


Hardwoods are often resistant to decay and rot. Common examples include Jarrah, Tigerwood, Jatoba, Brazilian Cherry, Purple Heart, IPE, and mahogany. Oftentimes, these decking materials require more work and effort. Long-term exposure to the bright sun may cause splitting and cracking issues. With a steady maintenance schedule, however, hardwoods make for truly beautiful decks.

Decking Hardwoods

Trex® composite decking materials consist of recycled materials such as plastics and woods. If you are looking for decking materials and railings that do not split, fade, or rot (issues that have plagued the decking industry in the past), you can’t go wrong with Trex® decking and railing products.

Composite Hardwoods Best Decking materials

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In today’s world of decking, there are many types of materials to choose from. LA Decks is more than happy to help our customers understand the differences between the decking materials. Our team members will help you choose the right materials based on your application, budget, aesthetic, maintenance, and structural needs.

Choose the Best Decking Materials According to your Needs: Hardwood vs. Composite Decking

When deciding on the best decking materials, you’re often met with a choice: hardwood decking or composite decking. At LA Decks, we offer both because we understand that every project is unique.

Hardwood Decking:

Ipe Decking:

Known for its durability and natural resistance to decay.

Cumaru Decking:

A close second to Ipe, offers a more reddish-brown hue.

Garapa Decking:

A lighter alternative that performs well under harsh conditions.

Jatoba Decking:

Exceptional hardness and a rich color scheme.

Composite Decking

Hardwoods often get the limelight, but composite decking offers longevity and less maintenance.

Real Projects: Best Decking Materials in Action

Take a look at our gallery featuring real decking projects completed by LA Decks. Witness for yourself how the best decking materials can transform a space into an outdoor paradise.

At LA Decks, we strive to offer the best decking materials that are also environmentally friendly. Our hardwoods are sustainably sourced, and our composite decking options are recyclable.

See for yourself the transformative power of the best decking materials in our Real Projects Gallery. Our completed projects showcase the craftsmanship and quality that LA Decks brings to each job.

Cost and Maintenance: The Financial Aspect of the Best Decking Materials

Although hardwood decking materials like Ipe and Cumaru may have a higher initial cost, they often require less maintenance over time compared to other options. Composite decking offers a balanced mix of cost-efficiency and minimal upkeep.

Why Choose LA Decks for the Best Decking Materials?

Expertise: As seasoned deck installation experts, we bring years of experience to every project.

Local: Proud to serve Los Angeles, we understand the local landscape and design considerations.

Customization: With LA Decks, it’s never a one-size-fits-all solution. We offer a wide range of best decking materials, catering to all budgets and aesthetic preferences.

Ready to Start Your Project with the LA Deck’s Experts?

Contact LA Decks today to take the first step toward your dream deck. As the premier deck building company in Los Angeles, we are committed to turning your vision into a reality with the best decking materials available.

Transform your outdoor space with the best decking materials from LA Decks. Reach out to our deck installation experts today!


What material do I need for a 12x12 deck?

150 sq ft of decking material.

Which deck wood lasts the longest?

IPE wood is the longest-lasting deck material. Composite and synthetic decking are also options.

What wood is best for outdoor use?

When you're looking for the best wood for outdoor use, both of these types of wood are naturally resistant to rot and decay, along with being termite and insect-resistant

Is pine or cedar better for a deck?

Tight-grained, good-looking and weather-resistant, cedar is the best choice anywhere aesthetics are important. IPE deck is much higher quality.

Does a wood deck increase home value?

A wood deck, which will cost on average about $16,766 will recoup about 68% of its value, and a composite deck, which will cost about $22,426, will recoup about 63% at home sale.

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