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How Should You Approach Deck Design?

How should you approach deck design? This blog is your perfect guide. Keep reading!

How Should You Approach Deck Design?

What do you think is the most important thing to consider when thinking of building a new deck for your home? Many people actually overthink the entire process that they start with getting into intricate details when it comes to choosing deck components. Afterwards, they end up missing on the most crucial factor, that is, the deck design.

Imagine yourself caught in that situation. You have thought of everything from code-compliant hardware, lighting, and accent boarders to fascia, hidden fasteners, and even color-matching screws. In the entire plan, however, you may have forgotten the purpose of building that outdoor feature, that is, to have a space where you and the rest of the family can gather together, relax, and enjoy. This purpose falls under approach deck design, which should be accomplished using the following tips.

How Should You Approach Deck Design? 4 Tips:

1. Shape and Size are Important

You may have heard experts saying that the size of your deck must not exceed 1/5 of your home’s size. This is an important thing to remember if you are after visual balance. For those of you who think of spending more time on your decks than inside your homes, however, you can go bigger than that space. That is a practical decision if you expect plenty of people to get their share inside the deck. Alongside, size, you can think whether you want more modern designs with curves and angles, or traditional ones that simply follow the rectangular shape.

2. Personalize Your Deck

Does this mean you should have your name carved on the surface? It is not necessarily that (although you may do so to your liking). Personalizing the space means that you must think of how the design will suit your lifestyle. Do you party often? Are you fond of entertaining guests? Would you rather use it to spend an intimate evening with your partner? Your choice will affect the overall layout of the deck.

Alongside this tip, you must also consider your dining needs. You can use a deck to have a barbecue night, thus, it is good to have a space in or near the deck where you can place your grill. If you want an outdoor space where you can do much of the cooking, you can place all other amenities there, like an outdoor fireplace, or even a pergola roof cover.

3. Add Walking Pathways

You can build your deck anywhere suitable on your backyard. When you do so, you also have to consider how you can get to the place, without necessarily stepping on the grass. You can build walking pathways where access to the spot makes sense and will be more comfortable for you and your “guests”. Together with this, you must also bear in mind that it is important to design the deck such that the furniture and all other amenities are in the right place. See to it that there is enough space where you and everyone can walk around.

4. Add Other Things That Will Work to Your Advantage

Aside from slabs of stone that can serve as your pathways, or narrow walkways that provide access to other garden features, you can add potted flowers into the area. Consider your safety when designing your deck with these other amenities.


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