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How To Maximize The Space Under Your Pergola

How To Maximize The Space Under Your Pergola

One of the most important considerations when installing a pergola on the backyard is the space available for the hardscape. Space restriction can affect the outcome of the entire project. That should not make you back out of your plan, though. After all, you deserve this space, and you have to make the most out of it once it has already been installed where you want it. The good news is you can make that small space look bigger. Here are tips on how you can do that.

How To Maximize The Space Under Your Pergola: 4 Tips

1. Choose the Right Colors

Homeowners are delighted by the thought of having natural wood structures in their gardens. Adding some paint on the surface can just make that structure pop. The choice of color is important, along this line, though. If you are serious about making the space look bigger, however, you have to go for light colors instead.

You can think of this as that instance when you enter a brightly-lit room. You will feel that the space is very large and welcoming. In fact, you will never notice that the space is small with those bright colors all around you. This same principle applies when wanting more space for your backyard structure. You can go for color combinations where beams and posts do not overwhelm the entire space.

2. Choose Your Furniture Wisely.

Have you ever seen bistro and replica Acapulco chairs? These are furniture pieces that have cut-out backs and are ideal for outdoor space. The good thing about them is that they provide the comfort that you need while you enjoy the area, without compromising the amount of space available inside the structure. They allow light to easily come through. Go for benches with backs that are shorter than the table’s top.

3. Include Potted Plants

Some homeowners commit the mistake of overwhelming the backyard structure by dividing the area such that there is a space for entertainment, and another space for a particular purpose. If you do this, there is a tendency that you will make the space look tighter than usual. It is better to remove these divisions, and just hang plants (make sure that they are not place at eye-height) in the area. You can also have a few standing pots around.

4. Make it Natural

Choosing natural fabrics to go into your pergola will be a great way to create the visual space that you need. Examples of such fabrics are wide-weave cottons, calico linens, and Hessian fibers. These soft fabrics soften the entire area. When choosing the fabric, you must also remember your color choice. Just like with choosing the color for the structure, your fabrics must also be light colored in order to maximize the space under your pergola.

Whether you are considering to add a pergola or build a new deck on your backyard, it is always important to establish how much space is available for the installation. When the space is small, do not hesitate to give regard to the tips provided above. That way, you can be sure that you will enjoy your outdoor structure, and maximize the space where you have installed it.


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