How To Prepare Your Backyard For Fall And Winter

You will know that fall is here once you notice that leaves are beginning to fall. This one sign is just enough for you to get up and prepare your backyard for the coming months, most especially because snow is about to fall on our gardens. During these cold months, it will be harder to go out of the yard and do some “troubleshooting” just to make sure that your deck, pergola, or any other outdoor structure can be saved from bad weather elements. Why wait until leaves are all over the place when you can actually prepare your backyard now?

Get Rid of Leaves and Debris on Your Lawn

Are you one of those homeowners who love the scent of dry leaves on your backyard? That smell can somehow give you a feeling of enjoyment, but that sight is not really good to look at. Piling leaves add a touch of color to your lawn. The mere thought that they will just get stacked up every day without you caring to remove them is not ideal during this season, though.

Remember that leaves trap moisture, and can also block light from getting into other plants on your garden. Before you know it, your grass will already be dead come spring time. It is important then to remove leaves daily before they form a carpet on your backyard. This will ensure that they will not be trapped when snow begins forming on your yard.

Plant More

While you get rid of leaves and debris on your lawn for fall and winter, you must also plant more trees, flowering bulbs, perennials, trees, and shrubs. These seasons are ideal for these plants as they will have time to build themselves on the ground so that they can grow beautifully when spring comes.

Aerate Your Lawn

Aeration is important in making sure that oxygen, water, and fertilizer will go deeper into the roots of the grass. From this, you can also sprinkle grass seeds on your yard. These seasons’ temperature is ideal for seed germination. Like trees, these seeds will have time to build themselves right in time for next year.

Mow Your Lawn Regularly

You may have noticed that fall is the time when grass does not grow as much as it does during spring and summer. Even when this is an expected scenario, you should see to it that you mow and water your lawn regularly in order to keep it in shape. Cut grass such that there is enough room for sunlight to get into the crown of the grass, without turning them brown during winter.

Fertilize Your Plants

You can do this in early fall. Fertilizers will give your plant its food and keep it from freezing during winter. This is ideal so that your plant will have that energy to be in top shape during spring.

If you think that you cannot do these things on your own, you can call experts to help you maintain your yard. Whether you want to go as far as backyard remodeling or just ensure that your deck is maintained, you can count on LA Decks to assist you with your needs.