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How To Remodel Your Pool Without Breaking The Bank

If you are thinking of improving your pool but you are afraid of damaging it, in this blog you will find the best tips to remodel your pool without breaking the bank.

Staying at the poolside can give anyone a break from daily stress. Whether you simply want to read that favorite book or want to take a plunge in the water, there is that level of relaxation that you will imbibe when you are by the pool. With a pool in your yard, you know that pool maintenance is crucial. If you try to inspect it, you may also need to repair some parts. There will also be a time when remodeling the pool is the best solution. How can you do this without breaking the bank?

5 Tips To Remodel Your Pool Without Breaking The Bank:

How To Remodel Your Pool Without Breaking The Bank

1. Go For LED Lighting

Does your pool have floodlights or basic lighting? Traditional lights actually consume more energy when compared to modern lights. This is why switching to LED lighting for your pool is practical when you want to save money during a pool remodel. Apart from providing the light that you need when using the pool at night, this type of lighting can also transform your pool into a heavenly oasis. You can install these lights anywhere in the pool area. Choose different colors if you want as well.

2. Resurface or Replaster

For those of you who have a larger budget for pool remodeling, these two processes are your best options. Resurfacing or replastering can be used to improve the look of your pool, while also focusing on replacing an uneven or worn surface. This is especially important if it has been many decades since you have had your pool remodeled. This is also ideal for older pools since these ones were installed with a simple plaster finish. Choose from the more popular aggregate finishes, and find a color that will freshen up the pool. You can use stones or quartz to give your pool a more modern vibe.

3. Improve the Waterline Tile

Updating the waterline tile will not cost you that much. This small remodeling project gives you a lot of contemporary choices. Once you have considered this, you can be sure that your pool will look better than before without you spending much on the entire project.

4. Automate Your Pool

It would not hurt much to automate your pool to give it a more modern vibe. There are different technologies that can be retrofitted to an old pool. A few gadgets like an automatic pool cover or a robotic cleaner will be a good investment. Pool automation systems can also be accessed via your smartphone.

5. Consider Investing in Energy-Efficient Equipment

Since you plan of adding a new technology during your pool remodel, it will also be a good idea to invest in energy-efficient equipment. You can go for a variable speed pool pump which can even entitle you for a rebate from your utility company (on top of using less electricity). There are also plenty of energy-efficient filters and solar-powered features that you can choose to use in your update. There are other design ideas that can make you pursue the pool remodel without overspending. One more thing to consider is to employ the help of experts. At LA Decks, we guarantee that we will do the remodel correctly and according to your requirements.


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