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Inspiration For Outdoor Fireplace Designs

Building outdoor fireplaces will definitely add an element of awesomeness to anyone’s backyard. It also sparks attention to those who will pass by. Of course, as the owner, you know that this outdoor living construction project does not merely add warmth to your property. It can also help increase the value of your home in the long run. If you are looking for inspiration regarding outdoor fireplace designs, here are some ideas to get you started:

Warmth on a Large Yard

When you have a large yard and you do not know how to make most out of the space, adding a fireplace is a great idea. What about installing it at the edge of your patio? Some fireplace units also have built-in features, such as installing firewood storage units on either side of the fireplace. Incorporate an earthy feel with a fireplace constructed using bricks layered on top of each other.

A Chiminea for Chilly Evenings

If you have a bungalow set on a backyard with a limited space, but still want to add an outdoor fireplace to your structure, adding a chiminea will be a good idea. This can be set in an outdoor area and will add charm to an old house. It is rustic and truly impressive, adding warmth to those chilly outdoor reunions with friends and family.

Gas-Powered Curved Fireplace on a Small Patio

Another great idea for a small space is a gas-burning curved fireplace. The slight curve on the design offers flexibility while you enjoy the outdoors on a small patio. Carmel stone is a popular construction material used for this project. With this built in your outdoor space, no one will dare say that a fireplace does not fit a small patio.

Stone Fireplace for Added Contrast

An outdoor gathering space turns into an interesting masterpiece with an addition of a stone fireplace. With metal roofs over your heads, this fireplace design will definitely add an element of contrast to the entire backyard. You can also choose to have a smooth-finished fireplace in contrast to rough flooring. Finish up the entire design with a complementing set of outdoor furniture.

The Fireplace as a Focal Point

Make your outdoor fireplace captivating by placing it at the center of the patio. You can have those large soft cushions over a metal frame and set it up such that the fireplace is the focal point of the entire design. Using natural stone will be a great idea as this can resemble the patio flooring. Consider placing a piece of artwork on top of the mantel to catch the attention of those who will visit you as well!

Custom-Made Fireplace

If you already have an idea in mind and you can’t wait to bring your fireplace to life, why not consider asking a professional team to build a custom-made fireplace for you? At LA Decks, our mission is to transform our clients’ backyards into warm and appealing spaces. We have worked on several deck projects in LA and we would love to offer you our expertise in this field.