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A 5-step Guide For Keeping A Hardwood Deck In Excellent Condition

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Are you a proud owner of a beautiful hardwood deck? Or are you considering investing in one? Whatever your situation may be, let us tell you that besides the remarkable features, quality, and beauty that distinguish hardwoods, they are super low maintenance. 

Hardwoods such as Ipe and Cumaru have natural properties that make them resistant to rot, decay, and insect damage. Due to their natural composition, they don’t need to be sealed or treated with chemicals to maintain their excellent condition. According to the experts at Wood Magazine, “With proper installation and minimal maintenance, your hardwood deck can easily last for 50 years or more.”

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No heavy cleaning or high maintenance costs; with a deck made out of hardwood, the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying it. However, even the most low-maintenance decks still require some care and attention to keep them looking their best. Here is an easy 5-step guide to making your hardwood deck always impeccable.

Step 1: Sweep & Clean the Hardwood Deck Regularly

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Daily sweep the deck to remove any accumulated debris or dirt on its surface. Use a stiff-bristled broom or a leaf blower to get rid of fallen leaves or twigs from the deck. 

You can use a deck cleaner designed explicitly for hardwoods if there are any stubborn stains or dirt spots. Mix the cleaner with water and apply it with a soft-bristled brush to the deck. When you’re sure to rinse the deck thoroughly with water.

Step 2: Apply a Deck Finish To The Hardwood

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Applying a finish to your hardwood deck can help protect it from the elements and keep it looking as good as new. There are several types of deck finishes, including oil- and water-based options. Choosing a finish specifically designed for hardwoods is essential, as other finishes may need to be compatible with the unique characteristics of the wood. 

Apply the finish with a brush or roller, following the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Most deck finishes must be reapplied every few years to maintain their effectiveness.

Step 3: Seal Any Cracks or Gaps On Your Deck (Except If It Is Made Out Of Hardwood)

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If your deck is made of hardwood, you may skip this step, as hardwoods never scratch or splinter. 

Over time, your deck may develop cracks or gaps between the boards. These gaps can allow water to seep into the wood, causing it to rot or decay. To prevent this from happening, it’s vital to seal any cracks or gaps as soon as you notice them. You can use a wood filler to reach every hole or a clear sealant to seal the cracks. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when using either of these products.

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Step 4: Use Furniture Pads For Your Hardwood Deck

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More than a “step” in the cleaning routine, it is a kind of recommendation to protect the surface of the hardwood deck over time.

Use furniture pads on the bottom of chairs, tables, and other pieces of furniture to prevent them from scratching the deck. You can also place outdoor rugs or mats to provide extra protection.

Step 5: Trim Any Nearby Trees or Shrubs To Protect Your Hardwood Deck

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If you have trees or shrubs near your deck, it’s essential to keep them trimmed. Overhanging branches can drop leaves and other debris onto the deck, staining or damaging the wood. Prevention will avoid this situation!

At LA Decks, our team will first conduct a visual inspection to get a general sense of your deck’s condition. From there, we will determine the best way to wash your deck’s surface and remove contaminants that have settled in the grain. If your deck has severe scratches, stains, or signs of weathering, we may facilitate light spot sanding services.

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Our team will finish the job by applying suitable wood brighteners and coatings to prevent and eliminate algae and mold. This will also enhance the decking surface’s natural color and improve its durability. You will be pleased to know that most deck maintenance jobs can be completed within a day.

In conclusion, owning a deck can be an excellent investment for your home. Our decks are beautiful and resistant to water, weather, insect damage, and rot. In addition, they’re also incredibly low-maintenance compared to other decking materials. 

Nevertheless, when you love something, you care for it. Even if hardwoods are always in excellent condition due to their natural properties and remarkable features, by following this 5-step guide, they will remain as good as new at all times.  

So, don’t settle for less; invest in the best, and build your deck with hardwood to beat the rest!