A pergola is an amazing enhancement to any landscape. Custom-built pergolas can provide a shaded area to maximize the enjoyment you get for being outdoors around your property. LA Decks specializes in designing and building pergolas. With our expertise, we can make your dream pergola come true in the most efficient manner.

Understanding Pergolas

Pergolas are built either freestanding or as an attached structure in the deck or other areas of one’s property. It can be built with or without a roof, depending on how it would be used. For example, summer and spring pergolas usually use wooden beam structures. A pergola with sufficient shade may also be built to keep the rain and snow out during the wet season.

For an attached pergola, you can have it built beside the pool or onto an existing deck. Either way, LA Decks builds pergolas according to our client’s exact specifications.


Why Do You Need

Pergolas Design and Construction Services?

Back in the Latin period, these structures were used for garden-type purposes. People liked to have it for growing grapes and climbing plants. Today, they are used to providing shade. It also serves as an additional aesthetic feature to any garden or backyard. For some people, they use pergolas as a way to enhance or correct the architectural features of a structure. It can be designed to “frame” a specific area to give it a sense of height.

Regardless of how you may want to use it, having a professional to design and build your pergola is the only way to ensure that it fulfills its purpose.

How LA Decks
Can Help

LA Decks has established effective methods of creating a well-constructed pergola. We understand that these are built either to add an aesthetic appeal or to increase the functionality of your outdoor living space. Our team of experts cares about your dream

We provide custom pergola design and construction solutions that will meet your needs. In addition to offering a wide array of pergola construction designs, our company also uses high-quality materials to build extremely durable structures.

View of a Pergola

What happens when it rains on a pergola?

The built-in gutter system allows the rain to be run o safely.

Do pergolas increase home value?

A pergola has the potential to add value to your home, with many estimates putting the return on investment at somewhere around 50% to 80%.

How much does a 12x12 pergola cost?

The cost will depend on the material you choose.

What is the best height for a pergola?

The minimum height of a pergola should be no lower than 7'6” to provide enough head room, though most projects call for a range of 8-10' in height.

How do I choose a good pergola?

1. Determine Your Pergola's Purpose 2. Consider Construction Materials. 3. Ponder Your Pergola's Design. 4. Decide How Much Shade You Want. 5. Consider Pergola Enhancements.

How much should a pergola overhang?

When choosing the location, keep in mind your pergola will have overhangs of about 18-20 inches past the support posts.

What is the best position for a pergola?

The standard pergola height is 8 to 12 feet. But that doesn't always have to be the case.

How tall should pergolas be?

The standard pergola height is 8 to 12 feet. But that doesn't always have to be the case.

Choose LA Decks for Pergolas Design and Construction Services Today!

When you choose LA Decks to design and build your pergola, keep in mind that you are partnering with a dedicated team of builders. We have been serving the Los Angeles and Orange County area for nearly two decades. Many clients can attest to our professional approach to any backyard remodeling and construction projects. As a family-owned business, we look forward to collaborating with our clients. This is our way of assuring that we value your inputs and will always assess their feasibility. As a fully licensed and insured company, we ensure that each job we do reflects our services’ quality. We have unrivalled efficiency in completing projects in a timely manner without sacrificing the quality of our output.

Have inquiries about our design and construction services? Do not hesitate to call us at (323) 510-7228 or request a free estimate today!

L.A. Decks is a full-service, family-owned deck contractor serving the greater Los Angeles and Orange County area. We understand the complexity that the local area presents for outdoor projects in terms of space and geography better than anyone. Since 1995, we have been delivering customized solutions that overcome those obstacles and address each customer’s individual budget, taste, and preferences.

Our team strives to improve the lifestyles of our customers, one project at a time. Together, we actualize the visions of our clients into a serene, all-encompassing, and stunning backyard getaway. We hope to pepper the Los Angeles and Orange County area with these dream backyards, all of which are a product of our team’s open communication, driven planning, and persevering work ethic.


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