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Time For a Pool Deck Resurfacing If You See Any Of These 9 Bad Signs

Pool Deck Resurfacing Service

Swimming areas, for many, serve as the heart of summertime fun, family gatherings, and relaxing afternoons. However, like all things, pools wear and tear over time and require proper maintenance to uphold safety and aesthetic appeal. Pool deck resurfacing emerges as an essential aspect of this upkeep. It’s not merely a vanity project but a process focused on pool longevity, swimmer safety, and cost-effectiveness. Let’s take a closer look at why deck resurfacing is so important and how to identify when your pool is crying out for a much-needed makeover.

Deck resurfacing plays a crucial role in maintaining your swimming pool’s structural integrity and safety. Pools are subjected to continuous use and exposure to sunlight, chemicals, and other elements that lead to inevitable degradation over time. This degradation can present rough spots, leaks, and other hazards that could lead to potential injuries or structural damages. By implementing a pool deck resurfacing, you are actively preventing these issues. Also, you will be ensuring that your fun spot for swimming remains a secure, enjoyable place for you and your loved ones.

Resurfacing your pool deck is a great way to restore its former glory. At LA Decks, we care about your projects and keeping your structures in their best condition, not only for aesthetic purposes but also for safety reasons.

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There is no job, either big or complex, for us. We have a team of experts, the knowledge, and all the equipment necessary to provide an excellent service for your pool. So to get perfect results, LA Decks is the one to call. 

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Signs To Get A Pool Deck Resurfacing Service

A Pool Deck Resurfacing Result

Now that we have explained the importance of resurfacing the pool deck on time, it is necessary to know how to identify the signs that show it is time to get that service. Here are the 9 most important signals for pool resurfacing. 

1. Stains Reflect A Pool Deck Resurfacing Need: Pool stains can indicate mineral buildup or algae growth. These stains not only mark the appearance of your pool, but may also suggest an imbalance in your pool’s chemistry.

2. Rough Texture: If the pool surface feels like sandpaper under your feet, it’s high time to consider pool resurfacing. This roughness is often the result of long-term wear and can potentially cause scratches or skin irritation.

3. Frequent Leaks: A leaky pool is a major red flag. Constant water loss can lead to higher water bills and significant structural damage over time. If patches or sealants aren’t doing the job, resurfacing could be the solution.

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4. Cracks and Chipping: Minor cracks might seem inconsequential but can quickly evolve into significant structural problems. If you notice any visible cracking or chipping, it’s time to call in the pool resurfacing professionals.

5. Discoloration: This can occur from both chemical and mineral reactions. Over time, parts of your pool may start to change color. If the color change is due to algae, this could be a significant health risk. Algae indicate a chemical imbalance that can make the water unsafe.

6. Increased Chemical Usage: If you have to add chemicals to your pool more frequently than usual, it is because the surface is absorbing more due to wear and tear. This means higher maintenance costs and could also indicate that the surface material is deteriorating.

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7. Water Feels Too Cold: If your pool water doesn’t retain heat, it might be due to surface degradation. A well-maintained pool surface can help keep heat, thus ensuring your pool stays at a comfortable temperature.

8. Surface Material Coming Off: If you start to see the pool’s surface material in the water or your swimsuit, it’s a sign that the pool needs to be resurfaced. The surface is beginning to break down and should be addressed soon.

9. Pool Usage: Generally, if your pool is over 10–15 years old and hasn’t been resurfaced, it’s time for proper care and attention. Even if the pool appears to be in good condition, underlying issues may be starting to form.

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Pool deck resurfacing is a pivotal step for maintaining aesthetics and, more importantly, ensuring safety. Over time, exposure to weather, use, and pool chemicals can degrade the surface of your pool deck, leading to rough patches, cracks, and even loose material. These issues present serious safety hazards, including an increased risk of slips, falls, or scrapes during pool use. Investing in timely pool deck resurfacing, you proactively mitigate these risks, maintaining a secure and enjoyable environment around the pool area.


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Grime and slime, No Longer Prime: With Pool Deck Resurfacing, It’s Always Summertime! Keep your pool safe, splendid, and splash-ready. Pool resurfacing is not merely a luxury; it’s an essential maintenance task that ensures your swimming pool remains safe, beautiful, and enjoyable. Recognizing the signs of pool deterioration on time can preempt potential hazards and prevent minor issues from escalating into more significant, expensive problems. So, make the smart choice to invest in pool resurfacing today before an accident occurs. Let your pool continue to be the refreshing respite you, your family, and your friends deserve. Stay cool by the pool, one resurfacing at a time!