At LA Decks, we have been serving homeowners and business owners in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County area, including Encino. We provide deck construction and maintenance solutions. Our expertise also extends to backyard and pool remodeling, as well as other deck-related services.

About Encino, California

Located in San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, Encino is famous for being home to a number of notable people from different professions, including Marc Anthony (a singer-songwriter), John Travolta (actor), the Jackson family, among others.

Deck Services in Encino

At LA Decks, we utilize our expertise to beautify our clients’ homes and decks in Encino. Below is a quick look at how we can help:

  • Deck Inspection & Permitting in Encino: Before we undertake a deck constructing project, our soil and structural engineers, and architects inspect each site to find out if the project requires a permit. We ensure that each project complies with municipal requirements.
  • Custom Deck Design & Construction in Encino: At LA Decks, we work with our clients to create their dream decks. Before we start a project, clients have to approve our deck designs first. We oversee the entire construction project and make sure that we meet our clients’ demands according to the agreement.
  • Deck Maintenance in Encino: A well-maintained deck can last for years. LA Decks uses high-quality materials and tools to ensure decks not only look great but remain safe for use as well.
  • Pool Deck Resurfacing in Encino: At LA Decks, our pool deck resurfacing services ensure that pool decks do not show signs of aging and help to restore them to pristine condition.
  • 3D Design in Encino: At LA Decks, we use 3D design software that helps our clients envision how a deck will look like when completed. This technology helps clients to understand what to expect from a project and allows them to make modifications as well.
  • Backyard Remodeling in Encino: For backyard remodeling, trust us to add beauty and functionality to your landscape.
  • Building New Decks & Deck Installation in Encino: We pride ourselves in building and installing decks in a timely and organized manner.
  • Fencing Customized Solutions in Encino: At LA Decks, we offer total customized fencing solutions, for added security and privacy to business and homeowners in Encino.
  • Pergolas in Encino: A well-built pergola not only provides shade during sunny days but also helps to boost the aesthetic appeal of a property. With LA Decks’ help, our Encino clients’ enjoy their outdoor moments more under well-designed and well-built pergolas.
  • Outdoor Kitchens in Encino: Adding outdoor kitchens is a great way of maximizing outdoor spaces. Our LA Decks contractors not only come up with fantastic designs but also build outdoor kitchens that are both functional and add an aesthetic appeal to our clients’ landscape.
  • Fire Pits in Encino: Looking to create a cozy outdoor living area that you can enjoy even during winter? LA Decks can install fire pits that can be used during winter and summer seasons.

Why Choose LA Decks for Deck Construction, Backyard and Pool Remodeling in Encino?

At LA Decks, we have been serving the needs of homeowners and business owners in Encino for nearly two decades when it comes to creating functional and aesthetic decks. We work with each client right from the start of a project to ensure that we meet every requirement.

Need a new deck for your home in Encino? Feel free to contact us today or call (323) 510-7228 to get started.