Building New Decks & Deck Installation

Decks are an amazing feature to add in a new or existing home. First on the list of priorities of many homeowners when it comes to home remodeling involves building a deck. A deck can be a valuable addition to a home and can transform your backyards into stylish outdoor living spaces. LA Decks has built and installed decks in Los Angeles for a wide range of clients who are either business or homeowners.

Understanding Building New Decks & Deck Installation

When building a deck, size is one of the biggest considerations. One’s space dictates how big the deck will be. The deck is a major investment, and it will definitely boost the value of one’s house. Something to consider, however, is topping up your home insurance that will cover the added value.

Today, one has a myriad of deck material options and designs to choose from. The installation process will be slightly lengthy, but it will be worth it in the end.

Why Do You Need Building New Decks & Deck Installation Services?

If you regularly entertain guests, then a deck will greatly improve your outdoor living space. A deck makes one’s home more stylish and comfortable. The house will also have more space than before. If you did not have space for patio furniture, a deck offers ample space for these additions.

Decks give homeowners more space for the barbeque grill if it did not have storage space prior its construction or installation. The most important thing to do is to develop a solid plan and enlarge the deck measurements to accommodate one’s needs.

Lights are an elegant addition to a deck. They enable homeowners to use the deck after dark, and for those decks without railings, adding lights along the deck perimeter can illuminate the edges for safety reasons. The lights also provide a relaxing ambiance on the deck, making social activities on the deck an attractive idea.

How LA Decks Can Help

LA Decks can help make your home look glamorous by installing a deck of your choice. Our company will first assess the available space and create a suitable deck design. A 3D design of the deck lets our clients better visualize the final product. Next, our clients get an estimate of projected costs within 48 hours. At LA Decks, we can also help with municipal permit applications; a lengthy process that can take up to three months.

Our deck construction and installation capabilities include:

  •  Single-level decks
  • Multi-level decks


Material diversity is a big advantage when it comes to building decks. LA Decks offers several options, including:

  •  Pressure treated wood
  • Real wood such as Brazilian hardwood or California redwood
  • Bamboo
  • Polyethylene, Polypropylene, and PVC


Choose LA Decks for Building Decks and Deck Installation Services Today!

LA Decks, having been in business for more than a decade, is well equipped to build decks and safely install them. We use top-quality materials and all of our deck are unique and elegantly finished. If you are considering building a deck, do not hesitate to call LA Decks for help. We specialize in both single-level and multi-level decks. Our team also utilizes the latest technology to develop our designs. By expertly merging our clients’ ideas with our designs, we can create stunning custom decks that suits their lifestyles.

Have inquiries about our building new decks and deck installation services? Do not hesitate to call us at (323) 510-7228 or request a free estimate today!