Pool Deck Resurfacing

Does your pool deck look boring and worn out? Resurfacing your pool deck is a great way to restore its former glory and make it look even better. At LA Decks, no pool deck resurfacing job is too big or small for us to handle. We have the expertise and experience to help you revamp your pool deck’s surface. We have brought to fruition the visions of many clients in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Understanding Pool Deck Resurfacing

A great addition to your home is the installation of a beautiful pool deck. A pool deck, other than adding value to your home is an area for relaxation after a swim and can serve as an occasional barbeque area. Remodeling the entire pool can be very time-consuming and expensive. Simply resurfacing the pool deck can change the entire look of the pool.

Concrete is the most common material used for pool decks. It is affordable and lasts a long time. As with all materials, it will eventually crack and wear out. A more costly material for pool decking is natural stone. It has a stunning natural effect and has great friction, which is perfect for enhancing pool safety.

LA Decks can provide the expertise our clients need to transform their pool decks into a stunning piece of art. The material that one chooses depends on the available space, foot traffic, and budget. Some products dry fast and your pool deck can be restored in a single day!

Why Do You Need Pool Deck Resurfacing Services?

No matter how good your pool deck looks, the sight of cracks can be unsightly. Resurfacing a pool deck is much easier today than it was years ago. A worn-out pool deck, other than looking ugly and neglected is very dangerous. Leaving a pool deck in disrepair ends up costing you more in repairs over the long term. By resurfacing it, you can increase its durability.

How LA Decks Can Help

It is important to have one’s pool deck resurfaced by experts who have the necessary experience. There are several types of pool deck resurfacing solutions, each considered on its merits:

  • Stain or dyes (includes acid or water-based stains)
  • Paint
  • Colored concrete resurfacing
  • Stencils
  • Concrete microtoppings
  • Thin paver overlays
  • Engraving
  • Stamped concrete overlays
  • Cool deck
  • Textured coatings
  • Rubber decks
  • Natural stone
  • Tile decks


Choose LA Decks for Pool Deck Resurfacing Services Today

In the past decade, LA Decks has built a reputation in the larger Los Angeles and Orange County as a leading provider of pool deck resurfacing services. We offer free estimates according to your needs or current state of the pool deck. This gives our clients an opportunity to inject a fresh new look to their pool decks in an affordable manner.

Our team takes time to listen to our clients’ needs and concerns, and work with that information in mind. LA Decks is a licensed, insured, and bonded company and we have acquired vast experience by working with clients with diverse needs. Our team of highly trained engineers is renowned for their fine workmanship.

Have inquiries about our pool deck resurfacing services? Do not hesitate to call us at (323) 510-7228 or request a free estimate today!