Remodeled Pools

Do you own a swimming pool? There comes a time when one needs to renovate it or add new features. One can remodel his or her pool by installing items, such as custom rock features, spas, waterfalls, and custom lighting systems. In some cases, giving one’s pool a face lift can mean the difference between the feel of a private resort and a bland outdoor recreational place. If you are considering remodeling your pool, you have come to the right place. At LA Decks, we have a long-standing reputation of remodeling swimming pools for many clients throughout the greater Los Angeles and Orange County area.

Understanding Remodeled Pools

Let’s say that one installed a swimming pool when he or she first moved into the property. The pool looked great at the time it was installed and family and friends got many years of enjoyment out of it. Swimming pools, however, are much like a home; they require updates after several years of use. By now, the pool may have lost some of its original luster. With pool remodeling services in Los Angeles from LA Decks, our valued clients can restore their pools and make them look brand new again.

Why Do You Need Remodeled Pool Services?

Outdoor swimming pools spend their whole life outside, exposed to the unpredictable and sometimes harsh elements. Over time, these effects inevitably cause some wear and tear on one’s pool. From the freeze-and-thaw cycles of the winter to the hot sun, swimming pools endured it all. Sooner or later, the signs of wear and tear become more obvious.

That’s why homeowners can consider remodeled pool services. It is one of the best ways to restore a pool from aesthetic and practical standpoints. In addition to making it look great again, the pool will be easier to maintain in the future and can be more energy efficient. It is important to note that technological advances in pool electrical and plumbing components have come a long way. One must replace outdated equipment so that he or she allows the pool to run cleaner.

How LA Decks Can Help

Remodeled pools are created via an extensive process. Here is a quick look at how LA Decks approaches the process of remodeling our clients’ pools, transforming them from their old, tired looks:

  •  Site assessment
    Our team begins the remodeling process by first assessing our clients’ current pool situations. We inspect the pool, its equipment, and the deck while considering the context of surrounding drainage, hardscaping, and landscaping. This allows our experts to formulate pool remodeling plans that are specifically tailored to our clients’ needs.


  • Rebuild
    Once LA Decks has a plan in place, we begin the rebuilding process. Our team may facilitate pool deck renovations, pool deck resurfacing procedures, coping, replacing tiles, and more. We will also update our clients’ pool equipment with the latest energy efficient pool technology.


  • Add modern outdoor living solutions
    LA Decks also incorporates our clients’ pools into complete outdoor living solutions that turn their backyards into private oases. From drainage and lighting to hardscaping and landscaping, our team leaves no stone unturned.


Choose LA Decks for Custom Remodeled Pool Services Today!

At LA Decks, we offer a complete range of competitively-priced pool remodeling services that turn our clients’ existing pools from “Nay” to “Yay”. Our pool remodeling experts have remodeled hundreds of pools to date and utilize the highest quality materials to achieve the pool of our clients’ dreams. In addition, we ensure that the results are long-lasting as well. You can count on LA Decks to take care of all the delivery and installation aspects of the project, completing the job according to your schedule. Whether you own a commercial establishment or single-family home, we have got your back.

Have inquiries about our custom remodeled pool services? Do not hesitate to call us at (323) 510-7228 or request a free estimate today!