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Should You Add A Railing To Your Deck?

After having the deck that you want, it is time to decide whether you want to have a railing or not. Ideally, this matter should be decided early on as one often needs to abide with building code requirements. In addition to compliance matters, what are other considerations one must make when adding a deck railing?


Maintaining safety is the foremost reason why a railing should be installed on decks. Most decks are raised platforms and may pose falling hazards. With a railing, anyone can hold on to it in order to maintain balance. Family members who are suffering from mobility problems can use it as a guide when walking on the deck.

Building codes usually require the installation of a guardrail for decks that are going to be higher than 30 inches above the ground. Aside from this rule, there are other code requirements that should be followed, depending on the type of home (single family detached homes/ multi-family homes). This is where it is important that you consult with deck installation experts before building the deck.


Decks are more than just an additional floor space for your home. It has numerous practical uses and so is the guardrail. First is that the guardrail signifies a clear picture of how big or small the deck is. This will give you an idea about how many people can be accommodated on the deck. It will be useful information if you are planning to have a party or any kind of gathering that involves the deck.

Another practical use is that the rail can be used to leash the visitor’s dogs, as a place to set down objects temporarily, or as an area to lean and rest upon. The deck will also allow you to set aside the furniture so that more people can mingle around with the extra floor space.


One of the ways to customize the deck is to have an attractive guardrail design. You can play with the color, material, height, and width to perfectly match the railing according to the deck’s design. There are a lot of options for guardrails and you have the choice to customize it however you want it to be.

Aside from added style, a railing can also serve as a privacy feature. You can incorporate a railing design that partially covers some areas of the deck. This is useful if you do not want to be bothered by people walking along while you are enjoying some quality time with family.

The railing is an important element in deck building but it is often overlooked. Do not make this common mistake and instead be smart to incorporate it with your main plans. An exceptional deck is one that complies with strict safety standards. Having a guardrail will not only guarantee safety for your family while enjoying a relaxing time on your deck. It has a lot of practical uses and is also one of the ways that you can enhance the beauty of your deck.