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Simple Ways To Use Pergolas To Enhance Your Outdoor Landscape

Simple Ways To Use Pergolas To Enhance Your Outdoor Landscape

You must have heard or read before that pergolas create visual interest. This has a lot to do with their freestanding and movable ability. But over and beyond that, pergolas can be extremely handy when it comes to enhancing your outdoor landscape. So how exactly do you go about making the most of your pergola? Read on to learn more about simple ways to use pergolas to enhance your outdoor landscape.

Simple Ways To Use Pergolas To Enhance Your Outdoor Landscape

Simple Ways To Use Pergolas: The Basics

A pergola is simply a structure that is anywhere between a gazebo and an arbor. Although it is architecturally and structurally distinct from a gazebo, it has more substance. Typically, pergolas feature several posts that firmly hold up slats with wide spaces between them, forming the roof. The posts can easily cover a huge amount of space or a corner. Note that pergolas are used to support vining plants intended to provide charm and shade in an outdoor setting.


Attach a pergola to a restaurant or home patio to create shaded seating for your outdoor dining space. To add more charm, hang lights or lanterns from overhead slats. This will make it easy for you to create a stunning and romantic atmosphere for yourself and your loved one in the evening.  Be sure to fill outdoor containers with relaxing fragrant herbs like thyme, sage, and rosemary. That way, you will create an ambiance that whets the appetite in a pergola that will be hard to forget.


The idea of having a cool sitting place tucked in a garden sounds nice. But why have it as an idea when you can use a pergola to execute it? Grow your vines over a pergola to come up with a shady yet lovely space for lounging inside your garden. Include rockers, outdoor couches, and even lounge chairs in the pergola. Do not forget small end tables. That way, you can have an easy time setting down your reading material or your drinks.

Note that transpiration from vines has been proven to cool the area under pergolas by as much as 10 degrees. In simple words, this is natural air conditioning. As such, you get to have an outdoor room in a natural garden setting that is enjoyable even in the hot summer months.

Consider Fast Growing Vines

You probably don’t know this yet, but not all vines are the same. There are some that grow faster than others. With that in mind, go for fast-growing vines to add shade to your pergola. Such vines include the white potato vines, wisteria, clematis, golden hops, climbing roses, jasmine, and chocolate vine.

Explore Ideas

Creativity here is everything. Then, to ensure your pergola attracts interest and attention throughout the year, go for plants and even climber fruit plants that bloom and fruit at different times of the year. Feel free to go for vines that easily produce colorful foliage during fall. Be sure to also have the pergola face towards a water feature such as a pond or even a swimming pool. The aim here is to create a space where one can relax and enjoy interesting views at the same time.


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