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Top 7 Facts That Make Fire Pits An Outdoor Hit!

Fire Pits create a luxury design style

There’s something almost primal about gathering around a fire, watching the flames dance, and hearing the crackle of the wood. It’s an experience that takes us back to our roots while adding certain magic to our modern lives. These are just a few reasons fire pits have taken center stage in many outdoor spaces. They’re more than just a source of heat; they have become a beloved backyard feature, taking al fresco living to a new level.

Fire pits are not just a recent trend; they have deep-seated historical significance. Long ago, fires served as the heart of a community, a place for warmth, cooking, and camaraderie. Today, while we may no longer rely on fire for survival, fire pits create the best stage for gathering and enjoying quite a time next to the fire.  

This must-have element also serves as a dynamic centerpiece for outdoor spaces, creating a visual attraction that draws people in. Think about the joy of hosting a backyard party with the fire pit as the central attraction, or the serenity of sipping a warm drink by the fire on a cool night.

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Moreover, incorporating fire pits into landscaping designs has led to an explosion of styles and types. There are small, portable fire pits for compact urban patios and large, permanent installations for spacious yards. There are fire pits that burn wood, others that are fueled by propane, and some that use bioethanol. The wide range of options means that there’s a fire pit to fit every style, preference, and budget.

LA Decks specializes in the design and construction of fire pits. Our approach to building this must-have backyard feature focuses on consistency with our craftsmanship and concept of providing everything needed for a superb construction project. 

Fire Pits for a rooftop decking

That’s why we have all the materials and equipment necessary for proper construction, ensuring safety and design perfection.

But why should you consider adding this item to your outdoors? Having a fire pit in your backyard adds aesthetic value to your outdoor space, creates an inviting atmosphere for socializing, and extends the use of your yard into the cooler months. But beyond these broad benefits, some specific facts make them an outdoor hit.

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7 Facts That Make Fire Pits A Must-Have Item

Fire Pits provide a cozy place for gatherings

1. Fire Pits Offers Versatile Designs: Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes, making them perfect for any backyard. From rustic stone fire pits to sleek metal designs, there’s a style to match every aesthetic preference and space requirement.

2. All-Season Enjoyment: Fire pits provide warmth in the chilly months, making your backyard a year-round destination. But they’re not just for cold weather; a fire pit offers a beautiful focal point for outdoor gatherings in summer.

3. Fun Cooking Options: Fire pits aren’t just about heat; they can also serve as an outdoor cooking station. Roast marshmallows, hot dogs, or even try your hand at campfire recipes for a fun and delicious experience. This is what turns an outdoor space into a multitasking area with a myriad of activities to do.

4. Environmental Benefits: Many modern fire pits are designed to be eco-friendly, producing less smoke and particle pollution than traditional open fires. So you can be in style sustainably and responsibly.

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5. Increased Property Value: These elements are desirable features for home buyers. They can boost your property’s appeal and potentially its value, proving to be a sound investment for the future.

6. Safety Features: Many modern fire pits come with advanced safety features, including spark screens, fire pit pads, and propane models with control knobs for regulating the flame. These features offer peace of mind while enjoying your area around the fire. 

7. Health Benefits: The simple act of sitting around a fire area can have health benefits. The soothing properties of fire can reduce anxiety and stress. Plus, spending time outdoors in the fresh air benefits overall health and well-being.  In today’s digital age, any feature that entices us to step outside, enjoy nature, and connect with loved ones is a real boon.

Are There Any Regulations For Building Fire Pits?

Add Fire pits to your new deck

Yes, there are local regulations for building a fire pit, and they can vary significantly depending on your location. Here are some general aspects that are usually considered.

  • Location: Fire pits should be located a safe distance from any structures, including your home, shed, garage, or even trees and bushes. Typically, they should be at least 10 to 20 feet away from such structures to prevent fire hazards.
  • Fuel type: Regulations may vary depending on the fire pit you plan to install: wood-burning, propane, or natural gas. Some areas have restrictions on wood-burning fire pits due to the smoke they produce, and a permit may be required for gas lines in the case of propane or natural gas fire pits.
  • Size: There could be restrictions on the size of the fire pit, particularly its depth and diameter.
  • Safety Measures: In many places, regulations require that fire pits be enclosed on all sides or have a mesh screen on top to prevent sparks from flying out.
  • Permits and Inspections: Some areas require a permit before building a fire pit. After it is made, an inspection might be necessary to ensure it complies with local codes.

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Always check with your local government, homeowners association, or fire department before installing a fire pit to ensure you comply with all rules and regulations. Ignoring these guidelines can lead to fines or a severe safety hazard.


Our Fire Pits are safe to use over harwood decking

In conclusion, the humble fire pit, with its enchanting flames and irresistible allure, is more than just an outdoor accessory. It’s a ticket to year-round enjoyment, a centerpiece for socializing, a cooking station, and even a therapeutic tool. From their design versatility to the health benefits they offer, the diverse uses of fire pits make them an unbeatable addition to any backyard. So as the sun sets, let’s kindle the fire, gather around, and savor the simple yet profound joy of shared moments under the sky.