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Ways To Bring Light To Your Deck

Outdoor living spaces are pictured as a fun way to celebrate the summer season with friends and family. Wouldn’t you love spending some time outdoors during these months with a brightly lit deck to use for your summer festivities? There are different modern outdoor lighting ideas to consider, and below are some of the most popular options:

Voltage Matters

Low voltage lights like those in 12V variations, as well as line voltage or 120V lights are among the options you have when lighting outdoor spaces. Remember that the low voltage variations are popular since they are easier to install when compared to the 120V options. They already come packed with LED technology as well, thus making them more flexible for various fixture applications and options. When you use 12V lights, you will only need a single transformer to power all outdoor lighting fixtures. It will be a good idea to add a timer to help automatically calibrate the amount of light that you will need on the space, depending on the time of the day you will use them.

In case you would go for the 120V option, there will be a need for an outdoor receptacle that will help bring the voltage power requirement from inside your home to the backyard. In case installations are made further from your house, you will need a galvanized conduit built deep below the ground. This one offers more light output and requires larger line voltage fixtures.

Consider Key Deck Lighting Elements

Indicator lights, such as those step lighting you install are essential for areas where heavy foot traffic and safety are primary concerns. Typically, you will need to install two lights per tread for stairs with wide steps. Make sure that lights are spaced at least three feet (six feet at the most) apart, horizontally.

You can also use LED tape lights for better lighting. There are the flexible LED tape lights that bring a polished feel to the overall deck design. You can attach them to the underside of stair rails or deck rails in order to define edges, transitions, and other architectural features on your deck. This lighting element offers up to a maximum of 10 feet in terms of length, which can be joined together to cover longer rails.

There are also wall washers to use to light your deck. These ones are wider than typical lighting elements and adds aesthetic appeal to the façade. These are typically installed at six to eight feet apart, at about one to two feet from the wall.

Ambient lights are also popular choices for a lot of homeowners. These can be mounted on deck rails, or on exterior walls, and adds a warm glow to your outdoor space. You can choose these lights depending on your outdoor decor and are available in traditional and modern designs.

Mix and Match

Knowing the different voltages, as well as the key lighting elements that you can use for your outdoor lighting, you can easily mix and match everything depending on your requirements. At LA Decks, we can help bring light to your decks. All you need to do is discuss the ideas that you have in mind with us.