When Is It The Right Time To Resurface Pool Decks?

It is important for homeowners to watch for the many signs as to when it’s time to resurface their pool deck. Even professionally installed decks will need resurfacing at some point because, over time, they are exposed to the elements and begin to crack, peel, and chip. Among many other more serious issues, a damaged pool deck makes your landscaping and yard look messy and unkempt. But how do you know when you need to resurface pool decks? Here are a few signs to be aware of.

Age and Time

How old is your pool deck? When was the last time it was resurfaced? If you can’t remember when or if the deck has been resurfaced, then now’s the time.

How often do you use your pool? Every day of the year? Once a week? Every few months? This will impact how often you resurface pool decks. Spending lots of time in the pool causes more wear and tear and increases the need for resurfacing.


One of the more obvious signs that your pool deck needs resurfacing is that it is stained. Look closely, is the stain hiding a larger issue – like algae or cracks? Sometimes a stain can be removed easily and without the need to resurface, but always consult a professional first. Never ignore a stain.

Rough Spots and Peeling

As you walk around the pool deck, do you feel rough spots or notice peeling? These are definite signs that your pool deck needs resurfacing. Pool chemicals and natural sunlight can eat away at the coatings on your deck. The texture will begin to feel rough under your bare feet. Check your pool deck on a regular basis and keep an eye out for peeling and rough spots along the edges and where there is foot traffic. These problems can only be solved with professional resurfacing.

Cracks Can Lead to Bigger Issues

It’s not unusual for concrete to crack. However, some cracks are simply superficial, and others are much bigger problems. Leaving large cracks unattended can lead to expensive foundation damage and drain the swimming pool water into the ground below. Light, spiderweb-like cracks are generally due to weather fluctuations and are not serious, but a professional should still look at them.

Cracks that are more serious should be properly cared for and generally can only be repaired by resurfacing as soon as possible. Waiting will only cause more damage and increase the repair costs. The sooner you call a professional to resurface a pool deck, the better.

Understand that resurfacing your pool deck is not just for cosmetic reasons. Although it will make the entire pool area look much better, it will also keep the deck in good shape. Don’t leave chipping, cracking, or peeling for too long. Call a professional at the first sign of an issue.

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