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Which Decking Option To Get For A Covered Porch?

Covered Porch

No matter what the climate is in your area, a covered porch is nice to have. For one thing, the covering can extend the lifespan of the floorboards, preventing them from becoming splintered or damaged by falling debris. With the right decking option, your porch can be a little extension of your living room – but only with splinter-free, durable, beautiful flooring.

Covered Porch: Which Decking Option Is Better?

Wooden Covered Porch

The Right Stuff

By “stuff”, we mean materials. A complete living area can be obtained whether your covered porch or patio is open or screened. Enjoy the crisp evenings of fall and the fresh mornings of spring. Revel in those long summer nights with a well-designed porch. It’s actually more like another room of your house in the warmer months.

There are a handful of material options for flooring. The most important aspects are that the flooring choice be beautiful, comfortable, and low maintenance. Let’s look at some choice decking options.

Looking Stylish

Your covered porch must feel great and look great to be considered an “additional room”. Whether you use it seasonally, or all year long it should feel and look as gorgeous as your other finished rooms. Here are some tips for stylish covered porch decking options:

  • Hidden fasteners – Hidden fasteners not only help a porch feel and look better, they extend the life of the boards themselves. Composite boards are made to withstand and repel moisture. But drilling a hole through them opens a path for moisture to get in… so don’t!
  • Smooth surface – Part of this will be achievable thanks to the above-mentioned hidden fasteners. You won’t have divots where nails or screws have been driven in. You won’t have nails or screws popping up after a little bit of wear and tear. Aside from that, of course, the surface of the boards themselves should be smooth and easy on the feet.

Durability and Comfort

Whether you’re going for charming, a rustic aesthetic, or more refined appearance, resisting damage is one of the biggest jobs of your decking material. Common forms of damage that must be avoided are splintering, moisture deterioration, gouges, cracks, and more. Your choice of decking option should:

  • Be easy on the feet (as mentioned above) – Again, this is more easily achieved with hidden fasteners and a choice of board that has a smooth surface.
  • Withstand heavy furniture and more – Outdoor furniture is exceptionally heavy in many cases. Including people, any number of heavy items may need to be supported by your deck. Boards should be dense and may be slightly springy. Ask about one of the densest woods available, “Ipe”. Composite decking is another great choice.
  • Regardless of the elements, remain solid and comfy – Even the best cover will still permit some exposure to the weather as far as decking boards are concerned. Frequently and liberally apply a good sealer to wooden decks. Use a pressure washer on the boards if moisture has penetrated at some point, before resealing. You can use a damp rag or a mop to clean resin capping protected composite decking.

When in doubt, consult a professional. Tropical hardwoods, ipe, redwood, cedar – in addition to composite decking – are all good materials to utilize on your covered porch. A dependable professional can make sure that the correct material is used, and that the porch is constructed properly.


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