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Your Backyard Needs A Pergola. Here Are 8 Best Reasons Why

A pergola with a fire pit

Imagine stepping into your backyard, greeted by the allure of a beautifully designed pergola. Its latticed roof filters the sunlight, creating a canvas of light and shadow on the ground. This isn’t a scene from an exotic holiday resort; it’s your personal paradise right at home. 

A pergola can significantly enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your backyard, turning it into an inviting oasis for family gatherings, social events, or peaceful solitude. Let’s delve into the array of advantages that come with adding this design item to your building project.

It is an outdoor feature forming a shaded walkway, passageway, or sitting area of vertical posts or pillars that usually support cross-beams and a sturdy open lattice. Originating from the Italian Renaissance gardens, pergolas were often made of stone and brick, showcasing grandeur and elegance. Over time, they evolved to be constructed from various materials, such as wood, metal, vinyl, and fiberglass, each offering a unique aesthetic and benefits to suit diverse outdoor settings and individual preferences.

A pergola for the outdoors

Pergolas’ design is commonly square or rectangular, topped with a grid of beams and rafters. While some prefer to leave these structures bare, others might opt for a canvas, a canopy, or even climbing plants to provide more shade and create a distinctive appeal. As the plants grow, they intertwine with its structure, giving the impression of a living, breathing architectural piece.

Pergola CTA

Whether you want to enhance a garden, a patio, or a deck, this item seamlessly blends with your landscape, giving it an artistic touch. Its placement is flexible; it can either be attached to your house, as an extension of your living space, or stand alone in the garden as a peaceful, isolated heaven.

In the modern world, pergolas have become highly popular and admired for their simplicity, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. They’ve transitioned from luxury items in Renaissance gardens to desirable features in contemporary homes. They enhance the beauty of your outdoor space and offer functional benefits that make them an attractive addition to any backyard or garden project.

At LA Decks, we care about every detail and seek to meet your expectations and achieve impressive results. That’s why we offer plenty of extraordinary decking materials to please any design taste and customer needs, plus excellent building service to make your dream projects a reality. 

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Our experience lies in the construction and renovation of backyards and installing any decking essentials like fire pits, fences, railings, and pergolas. In addition, we also offer pool resurfacing and maintenance services managed by a group of highly trained professionals. In simple words, we are the one-stop building company for any project you have in mind. 

Advantages Of Adding A Pergola To The Backyard

A pergola for the backyard

With this understanding of what a pergola is and its rich history, let’s explore the specific advantages it can bring to your backyard.

1. A Pergola Enhances The Aesthetic Appeal Of Any Space

This item exudes a classic charm that instantly boosts your backyard’s visual allure. Available in various styles and designs, they add an architectural element that complements contemporary and traditional homes.

2. Increases Property Value

Adding a well-designed pergola to your backyard increases the value of your property. Potential buyers are attracted to beautiful outdoor spaces, making this element a worthwhile investment for the future.

3. Helps to Define The Outdoor Space

This backyard feature creates the best space for outdoor activities. It can serve as a dining area, a place for barbecues, or a cozy nook for reading, improving the functionality of your backyard.

4. Provides Shade and Comfort

They provide the perfect balance of sun and shade and allow enough sunlight while offering respite from the heat. With some climbing plants or added canopy, a pergola is ideal for relaxing, even on a sunny day.

A white pergola

5. Support for Climbing Plants

They are excellent support for climbing plants. When adorned with flowering vines like roses or wisteria, they transform your backyard into a beautiful green retreat, attracting birds and butterflies.

6. Extends The Living Space

This backyard feature effectively extends your living area to the outdoors, offering additional space for relaxation, dining, or entertaining guests.

7. Adds Outdoors Privacy

While pergolas are open structures, you can increase your backyard’s privacy by adding drapes, latticework, or screens to one side of the pergola. This makes it an ideal spot for private conversations or quiet moments.

8. Improves The Overall Design 

Pergolas are built either freestanding or as attached structures in the deck. It can be made with or without a roof, depending on how it is used. For example, summer and spring pergolas usually use wooden beam structures. They can also work as a shelter to keep the rain and snow out during the wet season.

Pergola CTA

For an attached pergola, you can have it built beside the pool or onto an existing deck. Either way, LA Decks builds pergolas according to our client’s specifications and needs.

Build a Pergola From Different Materials

An elegant pergola for the backyard

This is a fantastic enhancement to any landscape. Custom-built pergolas can provide a shaded area to maximize your enjoyment from being outdoors around your property. LA Decks specializes in designing and building this outdoor item to suit any design preferences. 

  • Wood: This is a popular choice due to its natural, rustic appearance. Different types of wood, like Ipe and Cumaru, are durable and can withstand the elements.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl pergolas are low-maintenance and resistant to rot or termites. They retain their appearance over time and are an excellent choice for those who prefer an easy-care option.
  • Metal: A metal pergola is the way to go if you seek a modern, sleek look. Metal pergolas are sturdy, long-lasting, and come in various styles.
  • Fiberglass: Light, strong, and less susceptible to environmental wear and tear, fiberglass pergolas are a fantastic choice. They can mimic the look of wood or come in vibrant colors to add life to the yard.


Enjoy your outdoor area under a pergola

To summarize, a backyard pergola is more than an architectural accent but a lifestyle upgrade. With the many advantages it brings, such as increased property value, expanded living space, greater privacy, and improved design., it’s clear why this backyard feature have grown in popularity. Whether you opt for wood, vinyl, metal, or fiberglass, this design item will elevate your backyard into a captivating oasis of comfort and beauty. So, why not bask under your pergola, enjoying the delightful blend of sun and shade, and add a charming touch of the extraordinary to everyday life?