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6 Must-Know Maintenance Tips for Long-Lasting Hardwood Decks

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Discovering the radiant beauty of hardwood decks is a journey that begins with expert installation and continues with meticulous maintenance. At LA Decks, we not only offer superior hardwood deck installation but also ensure that the splendor of your deck withstands the test of time. Navigate through these six indispensable tips, curated by our deck installation experts, for sustaining the allure of the best decks in Los Angeles.

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  1. Commit to Regular Cleaning

Hardwood decks demand a regimen of consistent cleaning to preserve their rich tones and smooth surfaces. Utilize a soft bristle brush and a specialized wood cleaner to gently eliminate any debris, mold, or mildew. Choose from a range of cleaning products that are conducive to maintaining the integrity of hardwood.

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  1. Invest in a Quality Sealant

Protect your deck from Los Angeles’ intense sun with a high-grade sealant. Seek a product that delivers robust UV protection while enhancing the wood’s natural grain. Our deck installation experts at LA Decks can guide you towards sealants that have proven effectiveness in shielding hardwood decks against the elements.

  1. Promptly Address Repairs

When you notice a loose board, splinter, or any form of wear, address it immediately. Immediate attention not only prevents further damage but also preserves the overall structural integrity of your hardwood deck. Engage with our hardwood deck maintenance team to enact efficient and durable repair solutions.



  1. Optimize for Los Angeles’ Climate

Hardwood deck maintenance requires adapting to local weather conditions. For those seeking to install or maintain the best hardwood decks in LA, considering local climate factors is paramount. Navigate through our blog to explore materials and care strategies that are finely tuned to the Los Angeles environment.

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  1. Regular Inspections by Professionals

Entrust your deck to periodic inspections by professionals. Our seasoned team at LA Decks, well-versed with the nuances of hardwood deck installation and care, will scrutinize every nook and cranny, ensuring that your deck remains in impeccable condition year-round.

  1. Be Mindful of Furniture and Decor

Protect your hardwood from potential scratches and dents by being judicious with your choice of outdoor furniture and decor. Incorporate furniture pads and be mindful of potential stressors like high-heeled shoes or heavy objects that might mar the surface of your elegant hardwood deck.

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Deep Dive into Hardwood Decks: Selecting the Right Material

Hardwood decks reflect an amalgamation of strength, durability, and aesthetic splendor, especially when meticulously crafted by experts like LA Decks. While Ipe hardwood often steals the spotlight, species like Jatoba and Cumaru are sterling choices with distinct characteristics.

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Dive into our page on hardwood options to explore which wood aligns perfectly with your vision and climatic needs, ensuring your deck retains its charm through seasons and years.

Smart Designing: Enhancing Longevity for your Hardwood Deck

It’s pivotal to note that longevity is woven into the design phase itself. The strategic implementation of design elements, such as built-in benches, can shield sections of the deck from excessive wear, promoting uniform aging and consistent aesthetics.

By weaving intelligent design with robust materials, LA Decks facilitates a foundation that minimizes the need for frequent and extensive hardwood deck maintenance.

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Natural Harmony: Your Perfect Spot a Hardwood Deck

Striking a symbiotic balance between your hardwood deck and surrounding nature can augment both aesthetics and longevity. Integrate planters or utilize cable railings to ensure unobstructed views while adding an extra layer of protection against external elements.

The combination of nature’s serenity and architectural elegance fosters a tranquil space that’s not only a visual treat but also a haven from the bustling LA life.

Choosing LA Decks: Excellence for your dream Hardwood Deck

Choosing LA Decks is not merely a selection of a service but an investment in quality, expertise, and steadfast commitment to bringing your visions to life.

From initial consultations to hardwood deck installation and comprehensive post-installation support, we stand as pillars through every phase, safeguarding your investment and ensuring that your deck remains a testament to quality and elegance.

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Holistic Solutions under One Roof: LA Decks

In our quest to offer holistic solutions, LA Decks ensures that every component, from materials to design, and from installation to maintenance, adheres to a standard of excellence that is synonymous with our name.

Enriching your living spaces with decks that are not just structures but experiences, we prioritize your satisfaction and deck longevity in every project we undertake. Begin your journey with us through an initial consultation and step into a world where your outdoor spaces are timeless sanctuaries.

Call to action 1 By seamlessly interweaving design, implementation, and after-care, LA Decks embodies a holistic approach towards deck creation and care. With us, you step into a realm where every grain of wood is a stitch in the tapestry of your cherished outdoor moments.

Make the best decision for your Hardwood Deck: Choose the Professionals.

Embracing these six maintenance tips ensures that the aesthetic and structural integrity of your hardwood decks remains untouched by time and elements. At LA Decks, we’re not just deck installation experts; we’re curators of spaces that host your cherished memories.

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Explore a seamless journey from installation to prolonged care, ensuring that your outdoor sanctuary perpetually echoes with the timeless elegance of hardwood.

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