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Composite Deck Ideas That You Will Love

Plastic composite decking first came out in the 1990s. It became popular because more people across the globe are now eco-conscious. You see, a composite deck simply means building a deck using non-wooden materials. Even though they may look like fresh cut cedar, these materials are actually made from recycled waste. Used shopping bags, plastic milk jugs, vinyl resins, sawdust, and recycled bamboo are some examples of composite decking materials. Did you know that there are plenty of other creative uses for composite decks? Below are some of them:

Pools/Hot Tubs

If you own a swimming, installing a composite deck is a better choice than hardwood because the area tends to get wet. Wooden decks can develop mold and rot and will affect the deck’s durability. Composite deck boards are durable, require little maintenance, and are more affordable. It guarantees many years of enjoyment without needing major repairs or maintenance projects in the near future.

Unique Applications

Composite decks can be made out of a variety of materials. This means that it can be used for unique applications, such as fire pit decking, lava rock decking, and gravel path decking. It can also be used to build pergolas and outdoor kitchens.

Outdoor Furniture

With some composite deck boards, you can custom-build outdoor furniture. This can be done if you want the furniture to fully-match the outdoor living area. It’s a great way to customize everything so that the seats and tables will blend well with the deck’s design.

Big Style in Small Spaces

One way to conserve space in a relatively small deck is to be clever in creating stylish features. Composite deck boards may be used to build planter boxes or as cladding and sidings. Composite is toxin-free so plants will thrive and will add a soft and elegant touch to your deck. It also will not rot so it is a great material to clad the deck or the house with.


Composite decking will allow you to connect outdoor spaces so that the backyard can blend with the home’s modern design. Composite deck pathways are durable and may be built using leftover composite boards. It is also a great material to use if you want to have an elevated pathway. You can choose to have a composite material that’s custom-built for your home. You may also want to play it up and get rustic with some designs. Either way, you can have peace of mind that composite decking will not tarnish the sharp appearance of your contemporary home.

Composite decks are great alternatives to lumber decks. Maintaining wood involves a lot of work. Occasional replacement of damaged spots can also be costly. Composite decking is less demanding as it requires little to no work other than a thorough wash-down once or twice a year. Other than being affordable and easy to maintain, composite decks come in a variety of colors. Wood grains, tropical, and earth tones are just some of the colors that you can choose from.