West Hollywood

LA Decks is a leading deck contractor company that serves West Hollywood. We specialize in all aspects of outdoor living area design and construction. With our expertise, we can help actualize your dream deck.

About West Hollywood, California

West Hollywood is a city in Los Angeles County, California. It is home to a population of about 36,000 residents. There are vibrant and creative industries all over the place that made it known as the “Creative City”. This is why it is a famous international destination and is considered as one of the most exciting places to visit in California. The city’s main street is Santa Monica Boulevard. As part of the historic Route 66, this street is one of the most travelled streets in all of Southern California.

Deck Services in West Hollywood

At LA Decks, we utilize our expertise to beautify our clients’ homes and decks in West Hollywood. Below is a quick look at how we can help:

  • Deck Inspection & Permitting in West Hollywood: Deck construction projects may require inspections and permits. Our LA Decks team will make sure that such requirements are met before commencing any work.
  • Custom Deck Design & Construction in West Hollywood: At LA Decks, we understand our clients have individual styles. We will build your deck according to your preferences.
  • Deck Maintenance in West Hollywood: Being exposed to nature, your deck may need to be maintained from time to time. LA Decks has a professional team who can repair and maintain your deck to make it look great all year-round.
  • Pool Deck Resurfacing in West Hollywood: Want to spice up an old and worn pool deck? LA Decks can help add color and life to your pool deck with our pool deck resurfacing services.
  • 3D Design in West Hollywood: To ensure perfect execution of a deck project, LA Decks presents a 3D design plan that shows real time design changes. This will make it easier to tweak the design until we are ready to begin the project.
  • Backyard Remodeling in West Hollywood: Our vast experience in landscaping and construction will assure that every element in your backyard remodeling project will be executed according to plan.
  • Building New Decks & Deck Installation in West Hollywood: Do you have a unique deck design in mind? LA Decks are experts in building new decks from scratch.
  • Fencing Customized Solutions in West Hollywood: LA Decks is an expert when it comes to building customized fencing solutions. We can offer the perfect combination of aesthetics, privacy, and security for our clients.
  • Pergolas in Orange West Hollywood: No matter how big, small, simple, or intricate you want your pergola is going to be, LA Decks can build it with flawless execution.
  • Outdoor Kitchens in West Hollywood: Love parties? An outdoor kitchen is a perfect way to maximize outdoor home space. LA Decks can build an exceptional outdoor kitchen that will impress your guests.
  • Fire Pits in West Hollywood: Take outdoor enjoyment to the next level! LA Decks also specializes in fire pit installations.

Why Choose LA Decks for Deck Construction, Backyard and Pool Remodeling in West Hollywood?