Cable Railings

Cable railings are very popular for safety purposes in residential and commercial properties. Another name for them is wire rope railings and are a less expensive alternative to the conventional metal or wood railings. LA Decks offers top-notch services for cable railings installation, taking great care to observe all safety regulations.

Understanding Cable Railings

Cable railings are safety rails that either use vertical or horizontal cables instead of glass, mesh or spindle for infill. Cable railings are preferred because they offer unobstructed views. If you have a house overlooking a beach and you want to have a clear view, installing cable railings is a good idea. Cable railings offer a better view because they are much thinner in comparison to wood pickets.

Cable railings also have a sleeker look. Their added beauty is one of the reasons why they are popular. These railings have to adhere to certain standards such as cable tension, cable diameter, post spacing, top rail, and cable-to-cable spacing. LA Decks is a fully licensed company and can meet all the required codes.

Why Do You Need Cable Railings?

Cable railings are primarily installed for safety. The cable ends, also called tensioners, are the railings’ foundations and are used as an anchorage. The cable railings can easily withstand heavy forces or weights without snapping.

Cable railings are low maintenance and are very durable. One does not need to keep cleaning them, unlike glass. When you do clean them, it takes just a few minutes to get the job done. Due to the railings’ durability, they are able to withstand general wear and tear and harsh elements, such as rain, snow, and sunlight.

Cable railings are versatile. They blend in seamlessly with any type of residence because they are blessed with understated elegance. They also give a home illusion of space, making your house look bigger than it is.

How LA Decks Can Help

At LA Decks, we pride ourselves in providing the best services while adhering to strict safety standards. The first step is to always do a visual survey of the site and advise our clients accordingly. There are different types of cable railings fittings, including:

  • Through Mount
  • Face Mount
  • Tab or eye mount


There are also different cable railings systems that one can install:

  • Press and latch systems
  • The settle bar systems
  • Stainless steel spigot glass railings
  • Chicago square systems
  • The virginia round systems
  • … and more!


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LA Decks has been doing business for almost 20 years. We have served a diverse clientele that has different needs and various lifestyles, and our experience gained from completed projects is worth noting. Our aim is to fulfil our clients’ dreams by bringing their ideas to life.

We have the equipment and the technical knowledge to be the best of the best. Our fine workmanship speaks for itself. LA Decks, being fully bonded, licensed, and insured, does everything by the law. Safety is our number one priority at all times. Whatever we set out to do, we give it our best.

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