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Fall Deck Maintenance Best Practices

Looking for deck maintenance best practices? Keep reading!

Fall is the time of the year when you need to take care of your outdoor space so that your home remains to be a good picture at the backdrop. During this season, your deck also needs some maintenance. Thorough cleaning is essential during these months since there will surely be plenty of leaves and twigs falling, not just on the ground, but on your deck as well. It is essential to check the outdoor feature just before winter comes. Apply the following fall deck maintenance best practices, and you will never go wrong.

Deck Maintenance Best Practices

Fall Deck Maintenance Best Practices:

  • Remove Leaves and Debris

You need to do this immediately. Don’t wait until such time that leaves and debris accumulate on your backyard before you clear it. Get your rake out and scoop all those “dirt” out. The last thing you will ever want is seeing plant matter getting stuck on your deck boards. When this happens, the wood will decay, thus decreasing the service life of the feature. Your deck will be prone to mold and rotting if you skip this step when maintaining your decks during this season.

  • Trim Hovering Branches

Every deck owner must realize that tree branches are among his or her enemies during autumn. Like leaves, these can fall to the ground and on the deck. When they do, there is a chance that a big branch can easily destroy the deck, by breaking boards apart. Neglecting this part of the task can be very dangerous and costly.

Make sure you trim tree branches, most especially those that are hanging over your special outdoor feature. You will need a ladder in doing this task. That way, it will be easier for you to check which branches need to be cut. Make it a point that you have someone around to help you when you do this task, so that you can avoid accidents later.

  • Reseal (Or Wash) Your Deck

Resealing or washing your deck can be done depending on your deck material. Wood decks are perfectly maintained by applying a layer of sealant over it. Make sure that it is still waterproof when you do so. In case water is absorbed by the wood, you need to seal it right away. For composite and vinyl decks, you simply need to wash off dirt using a hose. Make it a point that all those summer stains are removed in the process.

Keeping all the above tips in mind will give you more time to enjoy your deck during the season, while also thinking of winter. These are simple things that can be done before things get out of hand. It is just a matter of doing them diligently, and also doing what has to be done right away.

Do you need help with deck maintenance or deck installation? You can count on our team at LA decks to assist you with your needs. We are experts in transforming a dull and worn deck into a refreshing sight on your backyard, making it look good as new.


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